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  Supported Phones

The listed phones below have been tested with the ToneThis application. All the phones below support mobile wallpapers and MP3 ringtones; a few also support mobile videos. Please check to make sure that your phone can support mobile content. You can do by sending an MP3 ringtone, wallpaper and video to your phone from the ToneThis application.

If you don't see your phone, first try selecting a similar phone (same manufacturer, same size etc) to see if that works. Additionally, please request support for your phone by posting the model at the forum.

Audiovox 120 Audiovox 180 Audiovox 5600 Audiovox 7075 Audiovox 8900
Audiovox 8905 Audiovox 8910 Audiovox 8912 Audiovox 8920 Audiovox 8940
Audiovox 8945 Audiovox 8950 Audiovox 9900 Audiovox GzOne Blackberry 8700c
Blackberry 8800 Blackberry 8820 Blackberry Bold Blackberry Curve Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry Storm2 Blackberry Torch Blackberry Tour Casio Commando Casio Exilim
Casio Ravine Garmin Nuvifone G60 Hitatchi P300 HP iPAQ Glisten HP Veer
HTC 5800 HTC 8100 HTC 8525 HTC Amaze 4G HTC Aria
HTC Arrive HTC Dash HTC Droid Incredible HTC Droid Incredible 2 HTC Evo 3D
HTC EVO 4G HTC Evo Design 4G HTC Evo Shift 4G HTC Excalibur/Dash HTC Freestyle
HTC Fusion HTC Fuze HTC Google G1 HTC HD2 HTC HD7
HTC Hero HTC Imagio HTC Inspire 4G HTC Magic HTC Mogul/Titan
HTC myTouch HTC One S HTC One X HTC Ozone HTC Pure
HTC Radar HTC Rezound HTC Rhyme HTC Sensation 4G HTC Shadow
HTC Snap HTC Star Trek/3125/Smartflip HTC Status HTC Thunderbolt HTC Tilt
HTC Tilt 2 HTC Titan II HTC Toranado/SDA/2125 HTC Touch HTC Touch Pro2
HTC Trophy HTC Vivid HTC Wildfire HTC Wing/Herald/4350 HTC Wizard/MDA/8125
Huawei Express Huawei Impulse 4G Huawei Tap Kyocera Brio Kyocera DuraCore
Kyocera DuraMax Kyocera DuraPlus Kyocera Jet Kyocera K323 Kyocera Milano
LG 350 LG A340 LG A7110 LG Ally LG B2100
LG C1300 LG C1400 LG C1500 LG C2000 LG CE110
LG CE500 LG CF360 LG CG225 LG CG300 LG Chocolate Touch
LG Cosmos LG Cosmos 2 LG CU320 LG CU400 LG CU500
LG CU515 LG CU575 Trax LG CU720 Shine LG Dare LG dLite
LG DoublePlay LG Enlighten LG eXpo GW820 LG Extravert LG F7200
LG F9100 LG F9200 LG Fathom LG G4010 LG G4020
LG G4050 LG G5400 LG Glance LG GS170 LG GU295
LG Incite LG Invision LG L1100/1150 LG L1200 LG Lotus
LG Lucid LG LX150 LG LX160 LG LX290 LG LX370
LG LX400 LG LX5350 LG LX550 Fusic LG LX570 Muziq LG Marquee
LG MM535 LG Neon LG Nitro LG Octane LG Optimus
LG Phoenix LG PM225 LG PM325 LG Remarq LG Revere
LG Revolution LG Rumor / Scoop LG Rumor 2 LG Rumor Touch LG Sentio
LG Shine II LG Spectrum LG Thrill 4G LG Versa LG VI125
LG Viper LG Vortex LG Vu LG VX10000 Voyager LG VX5200
LG VX5300 LG VX5400 LG VX5500 LG VX5600 Accolade LG VX6000
LG VX6100 LG VX6200 LG VX7000 LG VX8000 LG VX8100
LG VX8300 LG VX8350 LG VX8360 LG VX8500 Chocolate LG VX8550 Chocolate
LG VX8600 LG VX8610 Decoy LG VX8700 LG VX8800 Venus LG VX9200 enV3
LG VX9400 LG VX9800 LG VX9900 enV LG Xenon LG Xpression
Motorola A630 Motorola A780 Motorola A845 Motorola Admiral Motorola Atrix 2
Motorola Atrix 4G Motorola Backflip Motorola C290 Motorola C350 Motorola C370
Motorola C380 Motorola C550 Motorola C650 Motorola Citrus Motorola Cliq
Motorola Cliq 2 Motorola Devour Motorola Droid Motorola Droid 3 Motorola Droid 4
Motorola Droid Bionic Motorola Droid Pro Motorola Droid RAZR Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX Motorola Droid X2
Motorola E398 Motorola E815 Motorola E816 Motorola i335 Motorola i576
Motorola i686 Motorola i886 Motorola Karma Motorola Krave Motorola KRZR K1m
Motorola L2 Motorola L6 Motorola MPx200 Motorola MPx220 Motorola PEBL U6
Motorola Photon Motorola Q9 Motorola RAZR V3 Motorola RAZR V3M Motorola RAZR V3xx
Motorola RAZR V9 Motorola RAZR2 Motorola Rival Motorola RIZR Motorola RIZR Z3
Motorola ROKR E1 Motorola ROKR E2 Motorola SLVR L7 Motorola Titanium Motorola Tundra
Motorola V170 Motorola V180 Motorola V188 Motorola V190 Motorola V195
Motorola V220 Motorola V235 Motorola V262 Motorola V265 Motorola V266
Motorola V276 Motorola V300 Motorola V325 Motorola V330 Motorola V360
Motorola V365 Motorola V400 Motorola V500 Motorola V505 Motorola V525
Motorola V535 Motorola V540 Motorola V551 Motorola V555 Motorola V557
Motorola V600 Motorola V620 Motorola V710 Motorola V80 Motorola V860 Barrage
Motorola W315 Motorola W385 Motorola W450 ACTV Motorola W490 Motorola W755
Motorola W766 Entice Motorola XPRT Motorola Z6c Motorola Z9 Motorola ZINE
Nokia 2330 Nokia 2600 Nokia 2605 Mirage Nokia 2610 Nokia 2705 Shade
Nokia 2720 Nokia 2760 Nokia 3100 Nokia 3200 Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230 Nokia 3300 Nokia 3555 Nokia 3600 Nokia 3620
Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia 3711 Nokia 5130 Nokia 5140
Nokia 5230 Nuron Nokia 5300 Nokia 5310 Nokia 5610 Nokia 6020
Nokia 6030 Nokia 6061 Nokia 6085 Nokia 6086 Nokia 6101
Nokia 6102 Nokia 6103 Nokia 6126 Nokia 6133 Nokia 6170
Nokia 6205 Nokia 6225 Nokia 6230 Nokia 6255i Nokia 6260
Nokia 6263 Nokia 6270 Nokia 6280 Nokia 6282 Nokia 6288
Nokia 6290 Nokia 6301 Nokia 6315i Nokia 6350 Nokia 6555
Nokia 6600 Nokia 6610 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6650
Nokia 6670 Nokia 6682 Nokia 6750 Mural Nokia 6790 Surge Nokia 6800
Nokia 6810 Nokia 6820 Nokia 7205 Nokia 7270 Nokia 7280
Nokia 7360 Nokia 7380 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650 Nokia 7700
Nokia 7705 Twist Nokia 7710 Nokia 8801 Nokia E61 Nokia E62
Nokia E71 Nokia E73 Nokia Lumia 710 Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia N70
Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N80 Nokia N90 Nokia N91
Nokia N93 Nokia N95 Nokia X2 Palm Pixi Palm Pre
Palm Pre 2 Palm Treo 700wx Panasonic GD87 Panasonic GU87 Panasonic X70
Pantech 8915 Pantech Breakout Pantech Breeze II Pantech Breeze III Pantech Burst
Pantech C150 Pantech C300 Pantech C3b Pantech C520 Breeze Pantech C610
Pantech C630 Pantech C790 Impact Pantech C810 Duo Pantech Crossover Pantech Crux
Pantech Ease Pantech Hotshot Pantech Impact Pantech Jest Pantech Jest 2
Pantech Laser Pantech Link Pantech Link II Pantech Matrix C740 Pantech PN-820
Pantech Pocket Pantech Pursuit Pantech Pursuit II Pantech Slate C530 PCD 8975
PCD Escapade PCD Quickfire PCD Razzle Samsung A117 Samsung A237
Samsung A257 Magnet Samsung A420 Samsung A437 Samsung A500 Samsung A517
Samsung A560 Samsung A580 Samsung A600 Samsung A620/VGA1000 Samsung A640
Samsung A660 Samsung A680 Samsung A687 Strive Samsung A697 Sunburst Samsung A700
Samsung A707 Sync Samsung A717 Samsung A727 Samsung A737 Samsung A740
Samsung A747 SLM Samsung A760 Samsung A767 Propel Samsung A777 Samsung A797 Flight
Samsung A800 Samsung A820 Samsung A827 Access Samsung A837 Rugby Samsung A840
Samsung A847 Rugby II Samsung A850 Samsung A860 Samsung A867 Eternity Samsung A870
Samsung A877 Impression Samsung A880 Samsung A887 Solstice Samsung A897 Mythic Samsung A900
Samsung A920 Samsung A930 Samsung A950 Samsung A960 Samsung A970
Samsung A990 Samsung Ace Samsung Behold II Samsung Blackjack i607 Samsung Blackjack II
Samsung Brightside Samsung C207 Samsung C225 Samsung C417 Samsung Captivate
Samsung Captivate Glide Samsung Conquer 4G Samsung Continuum Samsung Convoy Samsung Convoy 2
Samsung D307 Samsung D347 Samsung D357 Samsung D407 Samsung D410/415
Samsung D500 Samsung D600 Samsung D807 Samsung Dart Samsung DoubleTime
Samsung Droid Charge Samsung E105 Samsung E315 Samsung E316/317 Samsung E330
Samsung E335 Samsung E600 Samsung E635 Samsung E715 Samsung E720
Samsung Epic 4G Samsung Eternity II Samsung Evergreen Samsung Exhibit II Samsung Fascinate
Samsung Flight II Samsung Focus Samsung Focus Flash Samsung Focus S Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Prevail Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Gravity 3 Samsung Gusto
Samsung Gusto 2 Samsung Haven Samsung i760 Samsung i907 Epix Samsung Illusion
Samsung Infuse 4G Samsung Intercept Samsung Intrepid Samsung Jack Samsung M220
Samsung M240 Samsung M300 Samsung M320 Samsung M330 Samsung M360
Samsung M370 Samsung M500 Samsung M510 Samsung M520 Samsung M540 Rant
Samsung M550 Exclaim Samsung M560 Reclaim Samsung M570 Restore Samsung M610 Samsung M620 Upstage
Samsung M630 Highnote Samsung M800 Instinct Samsung Moment Samsung N400 Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Omnia Samsung Omnia II Samsung P107 Samsung P207 Samsung P735
Samsung P777 Samsung Reality Samsung Replenish Samsung S100/105 Samsung S300
Samsung S307/308 Samsung Saga Samsung Seek Samsung Solstice II Samsung Stratosphere
Samsung T109 Samsung T139 Samsung T209 Samsung T219 Samsung T229
Samsung T239 Samsung T249 Samsung T259 Samsung T309 Samsung T319
Samsung T329 Stripe Samsung T339 Beat Samsung T349 Samsung T359 Smiley Samsung T409
Samsung T429 Samsung T439 Samsung T459 Gravity Samsung T469 Gravity II Samsung T509
Samsung T519 Trace Samsung T539 Beat Samsung T559 Comeback Samsung T609 Samsung T619
Samsung T629 Samsung T639 Samsung T659 Samsung T719 Samsung T729 Blast
Samsung T739 Katalyst Samsung T749 Highlight Samsung T809 Samsung T819 Samsung T919 Behold
Samsung T929 Memoir Samsung Transform Samsung Transform Ultra Samsung Trender Samsung U310 Knack
Samsung U340 Samsung U350 Samsung U410 Samsung U430 Samsung U450 Intensity
Samsung U450 Intensity II Samsung U470 Juke Samsung U490 Trance Samsung U540 Samsung U550
Samsung U620 Samsung U650 Sway Samsung U700 Muse Samsung U740 Samsung U750 Alias
Samsung U750 Alias 2 Samsung U810 Renown Samsung U900 Flipshot Samsung U940 Glyde Samsung U960 Rogue
Samsung V205/206 Samsung Vibrant Samsung X105 Samsung X426/427 Samsung X460
Samsung X475 Samsung X495 Samsung X497 Samsung X507 Samsung Z400
Samsung ZX10 Samsung ZX20 Sanyo 200 Sanyo 2300 Sanyo 2400
Sanyo 2700 Sanyo 3100 Sanyo 3200 Sanyo 3810 Sanyo 4500/5500
Sanyo 4900 Sanyo 4920 Sanyo 4930 Sanyo 5300 Sanyo 5400
Sanyo 5600 Sanyo 6400 Sanyo 6600 Katana Sanyo 6760 Incognito Sanyo 7000
Sanyo 7050 Sanyo 7200 Sanyo 7300 Sanyo 7400 Sanyo 7500
Sanyo 8100 Sanyo 8200 Sanyo 8300 Sanyo 8400 Sanyo 9000
Sanyo Katana DLX Sanyo Katana II Sanyo M1 Sanyo Pro-200 Sanyo Pro-700
Sanyo S1 Sanyo Vero Sharp FX Sharp FX Plus Sharp GX10i
Sharp GX20 Siemens CT66 Siemens CX65 Siemens CX66 Siemens M55
Siemens M56 Siemens M65 Siemens S65 Siemens S66 Siemens SL65
Siemens SX-1 Siemens SX1 SonyEricsson C905a SonyEricsson Equinox SonyEricsson J220
SonyEricsson K500 SonyEricsson K618 SonyEricsson K700 SonyEricsson K750 SonyEricsson K790
SonyEricsson M600 SonyEricsson P800 SonyEricsson P900 SonyEricsson P910 SonyEricsson S700
SonyEricsson S710 SonyEricsson T610 SonyEricsson T616 SonyEricsson T629 SonyEricsson T630
SonyEricsson TM506 SonyEricsson W300 SonyEricsson W350 SonyEricsson W518i SonyEricsson W580i
SonyEricsson W600 SonyEricsson W760 SonyEricsson W800 SonyEricsson W810 SonyEricsson W950
SonyEricsson Xperia Play SonyEricsson Xperia X10 SonyEricsson Z300 SonyEricsson Z310 SonyEricsson Z500
SonyEricsson Z520 SonyEricsson Z525 SonyEricsson Z530 SonyEricsson Z600 SonyEricsson Z750a
Toshiba 2032 Toshiba 4050 ZTE F160 ZTE Fury ZTE Z331
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