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  ToneThis SDKs (Web | Desktop)

Web SDK (Embed ToneThis into Myspace, Blog, website, service)

What can I do with the Web SDK?
The Web SDK allows you to add ringtone, wallpaper and mobile video support to your website. By prefixing any link to online mobile content with "tonethis:", clicking the link will automatically launch the ToneThis app and open the file in editing mode, allowing the end-user to personalize and send that file to their phone as a ringtone, wallpaper or video.

How do I integrate the Web SDK or add mobile content for my visitors to my MySpace?
Integration of mobile content Web SDK is extremely straight-forward:

Step 1: Add new mobile links in your website for saving the content such as "Save as ringtone" or "Send to my phone" or "Personalize wallpaper" etc. This is your choice, you can call the links whatever you want.

Step 2: Have the links point to the content on your server as they normally would but prefix the URLs with "tonethis:". For example, if I had a link to an image I could download, it'd normally look like:

<a href='http://www.tonethis.com/example_image.jpg'>Send to my phone</a>

Prefixed, it would look like:

<a href='tonethis:http://www.tonethis.com/example_image.jpg'>Send to my phone</a>

Note, the example above used a JPEG, the link can point to an MP3 or an AVI etc - any ToneThis supported music, image or video type.

Step 3: Let your users know that they have to install ToneThis first for the mobile functionality on your website to work.

And that's it. Now when a user clicks the link, the ToneThis desktop application is automatically launched (assuming it's installed on his system) and the content is downloaded and opened in editing mode, so the user can personalize and then send that content to their phone.

Is there a cost or hidden charge to the Web SDK?
No, the Web SDK is completely free. Just make sure that your users have ToneThis installed (which is also free) so that they can start personalizing your mobile content.

Do you have a sample site I can see to get a better idea of how they have integrated it?
Check out Rapstation and how they have made their music content available as a ringtone via ToneThis. The Web SDK is used by 10s of sites, anybody can quickly and easily enable their sites for ringtones, wallpapers and mobile videos.

Can I co-brand the ToneThis app that the user downloads from my site?
Yes, for high-volume folks (1K+ per day), we may be willing to co-brand the ToneThis app downloaded from your site. Please contact partner at tonethis dot com to discuss further.

Alternatively, ToneThis can provide you an affiliate ID so we can track ringtones, wallpaper and videos sent by ToneThis from your website. For every ringtone, wallpaper or video delivered, ToneThis will run 5 ad impressions of your service in the ToneThis application; this is a great way to expose your service to other ToneThis members.

I think using the app is awesome but I want my own standalone storefront?
ToneThis can assist to help your company create a custom mobile storefront. Typical fees include a 5-10K upfront fee and a recurring monthly fee of 3-10K for a minimum of one year. For more information, please email partner at tonethis dot com.

Desktop SDK

What can I do with the Desktop SDK?
The Desktop SDK allows you to add ringtone, wallpaper or video functionality into your desktop application. The SDK handles the encoding and delivery of the content. Editing components such as the waveform editor or the image editor may also be provided depending on your expected volume.

What platform is it available on?
The Desktop SDK is available as a Windows DLL.

What does the DLL API look like?
The Desktop SDK communicates with the ToneThis server to handle the delivery of the mobile content. The server can be white-labeled for certain customers. The API has abstracted all the functionality into a single call: (ringtone example below)

uploadRingtone(UploadRingtoneListener* uploadListener, char* clipFilePath, int carrierID, int phoneID, char* phoneNumber)

Most of the parameters above are pretty obvious, the listener is used for tracking the status of the transaction.

As part of the SDK, ToneThis also provides a regularly updated XML containing device, carrier and country information and IDs.

How much does it cost?
The Desktop SDK is priced based on volume and distribution. Please contact partner (at) tonethis (dot) com to discuss further.

Do you have any sample customers?
Cakewalk Pyro has integrated the ToneThis Desktop SDK to add ringtone functionality into their Pyro product. Pyro is the leading music management software.

DeviantArt has integrated the Desktop SDK (used on a server) for adding wallpaper support to the DeviantArt website. DeviantArt delivers 500K+ wallpapers a month and is considered the leading independent art website with over 20M+ pieces of content.

How do I get started with the Desktop SDK
Please email partner (at) tonethis (dot) com and we will send you a trial version of the Desktop SDK.
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