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What is ToneThis
ToneThis is a desktop application for delivering personalized and third-party content to your phone. Unlike traditional content stores (ringtones, wallpapers, videos, games), ToneThis sits on your desktop enabling you the freedom to select and personalize your own content for delivery to your cellphone.

Additionally, ToneThis allows you to purchase premium content (music, art, video, games) from the desktop application. With an install-base base of over 400K+ users with 15K+ downloads a week and with retail distribution worldwide in major stores (ie Fry's, Best Buy, CompUSA etc), ToneThis is the leading desktop channel for personal and premium mobile content.

ToneThis was founded in early 2004 by a two internet entrepreneurs, Raj Singh and TJ Pannu. Raj and TJ recognized how difficult it was to customize and send your own content (ringtones, wallpapers, videos etc) to your phone and thus created ToneThis.

Thanks to the many contributors to ToneThis - keep the feedback coming.

ToneThis Client - This is the application you are probably most familiar with. This is our desktop application that allows you to personalize and send your own music, images and video to your phone as a ringtone, wallpaper or mobile video.

ToneThis Web SDKs - ToneThis offers a Web SDK to integrate ringtone, wallpaper and video functionality into your website.

ToneThis Desktop SDKs - ToneThis has wrapped our ringtone, wallpaper and video encoding and delivery into SDKs available for license for your own application.

The ToneThis desktop application is available for purchase at retail worldwide (US, EU, AU). Please look for "My ToneThis Ringtone and Media Mixer Studio" in the software section at your local BestBuy, CompUSA, CircuitCity, Fry's etc.  

ToneThis Gear
Support ToneThis by checking out ToneThis t-shirts and gear you can buy. Check out our store at Cafepress.  

ToneThis partners with several kinds of companies. ToneThis is available for licensing, co-branding and white-labeling for operators, handset manufacturers and content providers.

ToneThis also partners with content providers and content creators for distribution of their premium or independent mobile content through the ToneThis desktop application. This includes music / ringtones, images / wallpapers, videos, flash and mobile games. Some partners include ArtistServer, Greystripe, Flickr, Revver and Red Fish Media.

ToneThis partners with advertisers seeking to advertise at the website, within the application, within the SMS or within the WAP site during the content download process.

Finally, ToneThis partners with social networks interested in having ToneThis content published to their networks.

ToneThis powers several websites such as Chuck D's Rapstation using the Web SDK to enable their website for mobile content delivery. Select Desktop SDK licensees include Cakewalk Pyro and DevaintArt, leaders in personal music management and in online art.

For more information, please contact partner (at) tonethis (dot) com
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