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Uploading Song

Posted by Josh 
Uploading Song
March 06, 2007 02:30PM
Every time I go to browse to upload a song, it processes the file but then says it encountered an error. Anything I can do to stop this?
Re: Uploading Song
March 07, 2007 11:45AM
Josh Wrote:
> Every time I go to browse to upload a song, it
> processes the file but then says it encountered an
> error. Anything I can do to stop this?

I have the same problem...any sloutions???
Re: Uploading Song
March 11, 2007 07:40PM
I have the same issue, when I try to open a song windows displays "unknown error" then close down the ToneThis program and causes my DVD drive to pop open.
Re: Uploading Song
March 23, 2007 03:27AM
Everytime I try to upload a song to my phone I get an error report saying it could be a browser problem, but when I go to see if it is the browser this is what i get " Server Status"

Server appears to be working...

Please try uploading a ringtone, wallpaper or video again; please also verify that you are connected to the internet. If you are still having server connection problems, please email support at tonethis dot com and we will look into this immediately.

How do I get the songs to my phone if it is not a browser problem? Please help!
Re: Uploading Song
March 31, 2007 10:37AM
Hi Leaney,

Can you please retry - we were having some server issues in mid-Mar causing the server to be unresponsive.


Uploading Song
April 07, 2007 04:04PM
The website in the programs internet box says "this page can not be displayed'/ and every time i try to upload a ringtone it says server error, when i check to see if the server is up and running it says it is, anything i can do to fix this?
Re: Uploading Song
April 08, 2007 12:11AM
Hello, my song uploads, but when It stops previewing, I get an error. That is with the beta version. I have also tried the other program, and I got a different error. I am running vista. Any solutions to this problem? Thanks
Re: Uploading Song
May 06, 2007 09:11PM
Hello, You guys told me you would send me out the pro version. I still have not been able to use your program. Im still getting an error. Can you guys tell me what to do next? Thanks
Re: Uploading Song
May 07, 2007 11:40AM
Im having an issue as well. I dont even get a response it just doesnt do a damn thing. It wont upload nor tell me if there is an error. When I select the segment of the song to upload its not even showing me length est. size of the song or duration to know how much I can upload so now I know it wont even upload either.
Re: Uploading Song
December 15, 2007 08:34PM
Glad I didn't pay for this prog. Admins seem unwilling to fix what seems to be a six month old problem. Hate to give Verizon more money, but what can ya do?
Re: Uploading Song
January 22, 2008 02:19PM
i keep getting "unknown error" when i try to upload the song. sometimes when i try to upload the song, it doesn't display any of my songs.
Re: Uploading Song
March 26, 2008 07:52AM
Every time I select a song to send to my phone and hit send to phone it always gets stuck on uploading to server... and just sits there.... it worked once before and now it wont do it.... any suggestions?

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