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Download did not work

Posted by Marino 
Download did not work
August 14, 2006 03:56PM
i have a sprint as a carrier and LG LX-350 phone. i get the message, but then the download does not work.

please help.
Re: Download did not work
August 25, 2006 01:29AM
Marino Wrote:
> i have a sprint as a carrier and LG LX-350 phone.
> i get the message, but then the download does
> not work.
> please help.

I left this message in another place on this site...but will repeat here...

I just bought the LG LX-350 and it worked for me using Sprint. The only problem I ran into in the beginning was that the title of some songs were too long and caused problems. Once I shortened the names it worked fine.

Hope this helps....Tom
Download did not work
March 05, 2007 07:14AM
Everytime I try to download the ringtone, after I've sent it to my phone, I get an error message that says something like this error has been reported 907. What's that? I have Sprint and a Razr.
Re: Download did not work
March 22, 2007 02:59PM
I get this message error has been reported 907 and this content is not trusted on my Sprint Razr. I was gonna update but why if it's not gonna work? Is there a way around this?
Re: Download did not work
March 22, 2007 03:57PM
This did work about 2 weeks ago, all of a sudden I tried it again the day before yesterday and I get the same stupid error, then today it tells me that I dont have the most current version, so I update and it keeps telling me that I dont have the most current version that I need to update. Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, still the same problem. I can send video to my phone with no problems, but wallpapers give me the error 907. Ive read that that error is because of a wrong size reported to the phone, When I send a picture to my phone it uploads 9kb to tonethis, but then when I go to download the picture to my phone tonethis reports it as 8kb and then I get the error. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I really like the program and will buy the complete version if we can get these small problems fixed.
Re: Download did not work
March 31, 2007 11:04AM
Hi David,

We were having some server issues in mid-Mar - your problems should be resolved...

Re: Download did not work
April 24, 2007 11:21AM
I am also getting a 907 error with Sprint on my Razr after getting a warning about untrusted content. It looks like Sprint is blocking the ToneThis.Com site.
Re: Download did not work
April 28, 2007 05:57PM
I just now sent my self a ringtone, I have a Sprint HTC Apache (PPC 6700) and it downloaded great, but doesn't show up as a ringtone anywhere sad smiley
Re: Download did not work
June 03, 2007 07:02PM
I have a Razor through Sprint. I called them in regards to the 907 message error. They are blocking the content because it it not trusted by sprint. I told the rep that I want to contril whats blocked and not blocked but the said they were trying to "protect my phone from any virus." Whatever, it was their "PC" way of saying they block the tonethis software. Cingular work perfectly....
Re: Download did not work
July 25, 2007 11:39AM
Im getting a type 406 error on my Blackberry it is a 8703e. Im guessing that it is not supported??? let me know. Thanx...
Bill Skinner
Re: Download did not work
August 17, 2007 01:03PM
I have a samsung a900. Got text mess with the ringtone i wanted, but when i went to the web page (from my phone) i got an error 502.
Dan Bowkley
904 and 903 errors
October 17, 2007 10:44PM
I've written a PHP app for downloading screensavers to my phone (open-source, drop me a line if you want it) server-style, rather than the one-at-a-time upload variety. Anyways, it was working great until recently, when all I get is 904 and 903 errors. 904 when I download normally, 903 when I use SSL. I'm guessing that they're compressing images on-the-fly, and quietly blocking the SSL connection. Not sure though. Everything works as it should when I use Firefox on my laptop with a Sprint aircard...guessing the aircards don't get their images compressed?

Anyone out there "in the know" have any idea what the heck is going on?
Muziq Help?
November 11, 2007 01:48PM
The site says Muziq i ssupported. I get the download, but it puts it in my "other" folder. How do I make it into a ringtone?
August 25, 2008 10:33AM
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