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Sanyo 8200 download wallpaper problem...
May 05, 2006 05:09PM
When i download ringtones everything works out fine but when i try to download wallpapers it like takes me to this website and it doesn't work because my browser 'runs out of sufficent memory' why doesn't it just take me to the dang picture and let me download??
Same problem here, but with an 8300. and gives me a 403 error.
same problem.... any way to fix this?
Sanyo Katana
July 26, 2006 06:02AM
The Katana is new. Is there another phone that will work as a substitute?
Re: Sanyo Katana
November 06, 2006 11:28PM
yea dude try the Sanyo 6600, it doesnt say katana but if you look in the supported phones it is the same phone

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